Automatic extended geotargeting — target your audience anywhere in the world

In about two weeks' time the extended geotargeting option will be enabled for all ad campaigns on Yandex.Search. This setting can allow your ad to be seen not only by users from a selected region, but also by those that use the region name in their query, which can be from anywhere in the world. For example, say users from Antalya searched for taxi in Istanbul.

With this new option, advertisers can significantly extend the reach of their ad campaigns, while Yandex users will receive more relevant suggestions for specifically-defined local queries.

Let's suppose that your keyword is: vehicle for moving. You have set the ad's display region as Istanbul, and now your ad will appear only to users from Istanbul. With extended geotargeting, the ad can be shown further to users from different cities who use the query vehicle for moving in Istanbul and other similar queries that include a location name.

This option is enabled automatically and will function by default in all new campaigns. If necessary, you can disable it beforehand in the display region settings via the Yandex.Direct web interface, Direct Commander, or the Yandex.Direct API.

More details about the new option can be read in the relevant help section.