More impressions for suitable phrases: new options for effective ads

When people search for something on the internet, they come up with many different queries for the same thing. For example, they might call a bread maker a "bread machine" or mistakenly type the model of the one they need as "Kenwod 250" instead of "Kenwood 250". However, selecting all possible variants of keywords would take a long time.

To simplify this task, we're introducing the option to automatically select additional relevant phrases. Your ads can now be triggered by new relevant queries which are selected based on the keywords you've added, ad text, and the landing page.

Here are some example phrases that may be added automatically:

Smartphone => touch screen phone, communicator

Water purifier => water treatment system, system for water purification

Buy automobile => buy a car, buy passenger car

Sennheiser => sinhaiser, senhaiser, zenheiser, senheiser

If your campaign is configured correctly, the automatic selection of new phrases will significantly increase qualified traffic. Meanwhlie, the CPC for the phrase discovered by the system will never be higher than the bid for your original phrase.

More information about additional relevant phrases can be read in the help section.