New ad placements and images in ads

This week on Yandex.Direct new ad placements will appear. Ads will start displaying not only on search, but also on Yandex's Mail, Maps, and Weather services. It will allow you to reach more of your target audience and attract more users interested in your offers to your site.

On the new ad platforms, ads will be displayed depending on the interests of the audience. For example, if you're advertising pet food through Yandex.Direct, your ads can be seen by users who recently searched Yandex for something similar, or visited sites concerned with raising pets.

Moreover, on the Maps, Mail, and Weather services, ads can be shown with images.

They will look something like this:

It's possible to add images right now. You can do it right from Yandex.Direct's interface, by using xls-files, or via the API. Images in ads are available to those clients who use the Professional version of the Yandex.Direct interface.

Like all advertising materials, images in ads will have to undergo moderation. The main criteria are that the image must correspond to both the ad text and the landing page, and that the image is of good quality and visually clear. In order for your ad's image to be approved, please read full list of requirements.

If you have any questions, please ask your Yandex account manager, or contact support.