Sitelink descriptions — expand your ads for navigation queries

Yandex is able to distinguish between navigation queries for tens of thousands of websites. Such queries often include words that mean users are looking for a particular site. For example, users might be searching for the site with the query avto ru or auto ru. Instead of a standard snippet, an expanded navigation response will be displayed for such cases.

This week, Direct will also begin showing ads in a special expanded format for site advertising that is shown in response to navigation queries. In the initial stage this will affect just a small portion of navigation queries, but will soon spread to the majority. With these expanded ads, users will be able to focus more on the search results, while advertisers will be able to more quickly attract customers who are trying to find a site by its name.

These expanded ads can be shown in first place premium placement in the presence of all four sitelinks. To make sure that responses to navigation queries are as complete and noticeable as possible, from today you can add additional text to sitelinks in the form of a description which has a length of up to 60 characters.

For the moment, sitelinks with descriptions can only be shown in the expanded ad format. Therefore, it's important to add descriptive text to each of your four sitelinks. For example, in the description you can indicate which page the link leads to, and what your customer will see on your site when clicking on it.

An expanded ad with sitelinks and descriptions will look something like this:

You can add descriptions to sitelinks right from the Direct interface, via XLS/XLSX files, or through the API.

To see how your response to a navigation query will turn out in advance, you can use the preview window which is under the "Search" tab. More details about new expanded ads can be read in the help section.