New bid adjustments: CPC for various audiences

Advanced settings that allow for more flexible management of impressions and ad traffic are making their debut in Yandex.Direct today. Along with mobile CPC adjustments, you can now automatically raise your bids for ads served to audiences of a certain age or gender.

You can determine your audience makeup based on the statistical cross-sections for gender and age found in the Report Wizard (which includes data starting from July 22, 2015), or in Yandex.Metrica demographic reports.

For example, you run an auto-servicing business and the vast majority of your clients are men between the ages of 25-34. In order to ensure that your ads end up in the best positions when they are served to this audience of users, you can increase your bids by a given percent in the adjustment settings. This way, every time the system determines that a user is a member of your target audience (male, between 25-34), it will increase your bid within the adjustment range you set.

You can also apply several different adjustments simultaneously.

Let's say that your initial bid is 1 TL. You can set two adjustments: +120% for your target audience – for instance to men aged between 25-34 – and +50% mobile adjustment.

This means that the CPC for your target audience will be:

  • 2.2 TL (1 + 1*1.2) for desktops
  • 3,3 TL (2,2 + 2,2*0,5) for mobile devices

The maximum CPC including the coefficient is 300% over the initial amount set for the keyword. This option is available in the Yandex.Direct interface and API. You can find more information about how bid adjustments work in the Help section.