Direct Commander 2.9: new release — new opportunities

From today a new version of Commander is available to you. We've added a few little things and the ability to work with new Direct tools.

What's new:

  • Advanced filters for each column

    Using them you can filter campaigns, groups, ads and phrases using complex conditions on any parameter.

    To open advanced filters, you need to click on the funnel icon below the table.

  • Improved navigation links

    Now you go to a variety of parent elements via the power of navigation links.

    For example, selecting all campaign groups and then selecting the desired phrases can take you to those groups that contain the selected phrases. To do this, you need to click on the corresponding link in the block of navigation links above the table.

  • Expanded set of sitelinks

    You can now add from 1 to 4 sitelinks to ads.

  • Common negative keywords in XLS and CSV

    Additional fields have appeared in XLS and CSV files for the uploading and exporting of data: a row for “negative keywords in a campaign” and a column for “negatives keywords in an ad/group”.

    It is not necessary to specify negative keywords for each phrase of a particular ad; it’s sufficient enough to write them just once. More information about the format.

  • The new "Average CPA" strategy

    You can now configure a new strategy for automatic management called "Average CPA" in our application.

  • Program settings

    A new window has appeared in Commander with the general settings of the program.

    Two options are now available: enable/disable back up and folder settings for storing data. Over time, the number of options will be increased to provide flexibility and convenience.

The Commander update is available for: