Mass upload of common negative keywords

Today a new means for the mass upload of common negative keywords in Direct has become available, making it more comfortable and efficient to work with them.

In xls-files, additional fields for the upload and export of data have appeared: a row for “negative keywords in a campaign” and a column for “negatives keywords in an ad/group”. It is not necessary to specify negative keywords for each phrase of a particular ad; it’s sufficient enough to write them just once. Moreover, if in different rows different negative keywords belonging to the same ad are displayed, then during the upload they will be merged.

The relevant fields are also taken into account when uploading negative keywords for an ad and campaign from a csv-file.

Whichever method of upload you choose, don’t forget about the restrictions that apply when working with negative keywords in Direct:

  • negative keywords in a campaign cannot exceed more than 4096 symbols;
  • negative keywords in an ad/group cannot exceed more than 2048 symbols.

You can learn more about managing advertising campaigns via xls format in help.