Prohibition on advertising tobacco and tobacco products

Amendments to the federal law "On Advertising" entered into force today, according to which any advertisement of tobacco or tobacco products is prohibited.

As a result, Direct has stopped impressions of ads that advertise:

  • tobacco,
  • snuff, smoking, chewing, and other forms of tobacco;
  • cigarettes, cigarillos, cigars, self-rolled cigarettes, and other forms;
  • smoking paraphernalia: pipes, hookahs, their components, rolling paper and filters, humidors, cigar cases, cigar cabinets, cigar cutters, ash trays;
  • all types of lighters;
  • electronic cigarettes;
  • gift sets that include the aforementioned products.

If you have any questions regarding the prohibition of advertising tobacco and tobacco products, you can ask the support service or your Yandex manager.