Direct Commander 2.8 added three languages and offers new functions

Direct Commander has taken a big step to meet the needs of advertisers outside of Russia. Starting today, Direct Commander is available in English, Ukrainian, and Turkish. Just select the language you need at the bottom of the page and download the install file.

A full translation of documentation will appear on the site soon.

In addition to this, the application updated its interface and made several important additions:

  • Groups of ads

    As part of today’s launch of ad groups, Direct Commander features a tab by the same name for setting group parameters: its name, geotargeting, and common negative words. Ads and keywords for the selected group are displayed in the following panel in the “Ads” and “keywords” tabs. Phrases and geotargeting can now be set for the group as a whole and not just for individual ads in the group.

  • vCards Wizard

    This mass editing tool replaces separate vCards tabs in the interface. In the vCard Wizard, you can create a new vCard or select an existing vCard as a template. You can call up the vCard Wizard by going to the “Ads” tab double clicking on the “vCard” field or by using the selected ads’ context menu.

  • vCard for new ads

    It is now possible to select an existing vCard that will be automatically copied to newly-created ads in the campaign settings tab. This setting replaces the single vCard setting.