What are points?

Direct Commander uses the Yandex.Direct Application Programming Interface (API) for data exchange with the server.

Points are used to balance the load on the server. If you don't have enough points, you aren't allowed to make API requests, i.e., download data from the server and upload data to the server.

How to check how many points you have

You can check the point balance in the interface:

Points are displayed in the upper-right corner of the window, next to the username.

How points are awarded

The advertiser's daily limit of points depends on the activity of their advertising campaigns (the number of impressions and clicks and resulting expenditures).

The daily limit is divided among 24 hour-long periods and provided in a sliding window. Once per hour, the available balance of points is topped up by 1/24 of the daily limit. During the current period, you can spend 1/24 of the daily limit plus the points that were awarded and not spent during the previous 23 hours.

How points are spent

Points are spent when you access the server (download or upload data). Each object (campaign, ad group, ad, keyword) and each operation (add, edit, delete, download) has a set “cost” in points. If the points are used up, access to receive and send data is suspended.

For agencies, there are three models of spending points:

  • Advertiser points: Only client points are spent.
  • Agency points: Only agency points are spent.
  • Automatically: First the client points are spent and then, if they are used up, the agency points are spent.

The Advertiser points model is enabled by default. To change it, go to FileSettings and select the desired option under Spend points.