Bid Wizard

In Direct Commander, you can quickly set bids across many keywords, even if they belong to different campaigns or ad groups.

Examples: bid for getting the desired traffic volume
For example, for a keyword, the bids for traffic volumes are:
  • Traffic volume 15: 0.7 TL.
  • Traffic volume 5: 0.5 TL.
If you specified... will be set

“Traffic volume 15”

“Increase bid by 30%”

0.7 + 0.3 × 0.7 = 0.91 TL

“Traffic volume 15”

“The final bid is not more than 0.6 TL

0.6 TL

“Traffic volume 5”

“The final bid is not more than 0.6 TL

0.5 TL
Attention. Calculations are based on the current bid values for traffic volumes received from the server. Afterwards, however, bids may change dynamically and your ad can ultimately get less traffic.
Examples: a single bid

Suppose that the current bid for two keywords is 0.7 TL and 0.5 TL, respectively.

If you specified... will be set
Keyword 1 (started at 0.7 TL) Keyword 2 (started at 0.5 TL)
“Common bid 1” 1 TL 1 TL
“Common bid +1” 0.7 + 1 = 1.7 TL 0.5 + 1 = 1.5 TL
“Common bid -10%” 0.7 – 0.7 × 0.1 = 0.63 TL 0.5 – 0.5 × 0.1 = 0.45 TL

“Common bid +50%”

“The final bid is not more than 1 TL

1 TL 0.75 TL

To set bids:

  1. On the Campaigns tab, select a single campaign or multiple campaigns.
  2. If you plan to set bids based on the desired traffic volume on search or the desired network coverage, get statistics and prices for the selected campaigns: click Download and select Statistics and prices only.
  3. On the Ad groups tab, select one or more ad groups.
  4. Go to the Keywords tab. If you do not plan to set bids for all keywords, but only for some of them, select the keywords.
  5. Click Bids.
  6. In the Bids Wizard, use one of the following methods to set your bids:

    • Set bids on search based on the traffic volume you want (see examples below).
    • Set a single bid, and increase or decrease the bid by a given value or percentage: on search, in ad networks, or both (see examples below).
    • Set a bid in ad networks to reach the desired audience coverage.
  7. Click Apply.
Tip. To quickly upload the changed bids to the server, click Upload and select Bids only. You can't use this upload method for new keywords that have never been uploaded to the server.