How to add keywords

Tip. Before making any changes, download up-to-date campaign data from the server.

To add keywords:

  1. On the Ad groups tab, select an ad group where you would like to add keywords.
  2. On the Keywords tab, click the Add button and select Keywords from the menu.
  3. On the Adding keywords tab, you can enter keywords in various ways:
    • In a row, separated by a comma.
    • In a column.
    • Using the ( | ) operator.
    Tip. To expand the set of keywords entered, click Select and refine keywords to open the keyword planner.
  4. In the Editing section in the Inspector, specify bids or priorities for the keywords created.
  5. Press Ctrl + S (Cmd ⌘ + S on MacOS) or click the Save button at the bottom of Inspector.
  6. Make sure that the keywords are valid (marked with the icon).

    The icon means that the keyword contains errors: not all required parameters are set, or the values of some parameters are invalid. Hover on to find out where the error is.

( | ) operator

Often a list of keywords follows a certain pattern, such as [list of products] + [list of selling words]: iron buy, iron cheap, robovac buy, robovac cheap, etc. In this case, use the ( | ) operator.

iron (buy|cheap|discount|promo|price|delivery)

Result: iron buy, iron cheap, iron discount, iron promo, iron price, iron delivery.

(dealership|auto center|car dealership|dealer|car dealer) (hyundai|hundai|hyunday|hunday)

Result: dealership hyundai, dealership hundai, dealership hyunday, dealership hunday, auto center hyundai, auto center hundai, auto center hyunday, auto center hunday, car dealership hyundai, car dealership hundai, car dealership hyunday, car dealership hunday, dealer hyundai, dealer hundai, dealer hyunday, dealer hunday, car dealer hyundai, car dealer hundai, car dealer hyunday, car dealer hunday.

(buy|select|book) trip (+to space|+to Moon|+to Mars|Alpha Centauri)

Result: buy trip +to space, buy trip +to Moon, buy trip +to Mars, buy trip Alpha Centauri, select trip +to space, select trip +to Moon, select trip +to Mars, select trip Alpha Centauri, book trip +to space, book trip +to Moon, book trip +to Mars, book trip Alpha Centauri.