Introduction to the interface

All your data downloaded from Yandex.Direct is shown in a single window.

The screenshot below shows the main parts of the window.

1. Buttons to exchange data with the server

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2. Main panel

The main panel always contains a full set of tabs. You can work with any objects here.

3. Second panel

The set of tabs in the second panel changes as you open different tabs in the main panel.

Only one panel is necessary for working with data, so you can collapse the other panel.

4. Tabs

It doesn't matter which panel you use to open each tab. The data is the same on tabs with the same name.

The next tab shows objects selected in the previous tab. Learn more

5. Inspector

Use the Inspector to manage objects selected on the currently active tab. The Inspector contains the following sections:

6. Navigation

It helps you quickly navigate from ads or keywords to their host campaigns or ad groups, or from ad groups to their host campaigns. Learn more

7. “Editing”

This section contains parameters that can be edited. This is a convenient way to make bulk changes, because the edited parameters are applied to all the selected objects. Learn more

Note. Editable parameters for campaigns are grouped into three sections: Editing, Advanced settings, and Notifications.
8. “Information”

This section displays the view-only parameters of selected objects.