You can use multiple filters at once on each tab. If several filters are enabled, only items that simultaneously apply to all filters will remain on the tab.

Search bar

Each tab has a search bar at the bottom for quick selection. Enter a text and press Enter. The tab shows only items that have this text in a field.

To clear the filter and display all objects, click in the search bar.


Mark your favorite objects with a star . There are several ways to set a star:

  • Click in the field.
  • Select an object or multiple objects and click Ctrl + M.
  • Use the context menu: select multiple objects, right-click to open the menu, and select Add/remove ★.

To display your favorite objects only and hide others, click the filter at the bottom of the tab.


To display only new and changed objects, click the filter at the bottom of the tab.

Column filters

To open filters for selecting by individual columns, click .

The available filters depend on the column type:

  • Text filters — by the substring occurrence.
  • Numeric filters — by the number specified.
  • List filters — by a value from a fixed set.

To disable column filters and display all objects, click . The selection criteria you selected are not reset: you can re-enable the filters by clicking .

To reset the text or numeric filter, click . To reset the list filter, select “—”.

Show archived

To display your archived objects, click the filter at the bottom of the tab.