How to download data from the Yandex.Direct server

Download client list (for agencies only)

You need to download the list of clients in the following cases:

  • When you begin working with Direct Commander.
  • When you want to work with a client not yet registered in Direct Commander.

To download the list of clients, click Download and select Client list from the menu.

Download campaign list

You have to download the campaign list in the following cases:

  • When you begin working with Direct Commander.

  • When you want to make changes to a campaign not yet registered in Direct Commander, such as when the campaign has been created in the web interface or another Commander instance.

Click Download and select Campaign list from the menu.

You will download the campaign parameters along with the list. If you are making changes only at the campaign level, you can skip downloading campaign data.

Download campaign data

You have to download the campaign data before making changes to avoid conflicts with data on the server.

You can only download campaign data completely with all its child objects, including ad groups, ads, and keywords. You can't download separate ad groups.

To download campaign data:

  1. On the Campaigns tab, select a single campaign or multiple campaigns.
  2. Click Download and select a download option:

    • Main data (fast) — all data except statistics and prices.

    • All data (slower) — all data, including statistics and prices.

    • Statistics and prices only.

    Data included in “statistics and prices”

    The following keyword parameters are considered statistics and prices:

    • Number of impressions and clicks, CTR.

    • Entry bid and debited cost for various amounts of traffic.

    • current traffic forecast and click price on search

    • current forecast of reach in ad networks

    Bids and priorities for keywords are included in both the “main data” and in “statistics and prices”. This means that they are downloaded anyway, with any download option.

  3. If the selected campaigns have non-uploaded changes, you will see a window to select campaigns to overwrite the data in Commander with data from the server.