Changes in the new Direct Commander

Fewer panels

The new Commander has just two panels, but even one is enough to do the job.

For example, if you selected one or more campaigns on the Campaigns tab and then moved to the Ad groups tab, it doesn't matter whether you are using the same panel or not. Either way, you will see ad groups that belong to the selected campaigns.

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Use the Inspector to manage objects selected on the currently active tab.

Inspector is helpful if you need to make bulk changes: for example, you can select several ads and set the same sitelink #3 for them. Learn more

Inspector also makes it easier for you to navigate through data. For example, you can find and select campaigns that include the selected keywords. Learn more

Keyword Planner

This tool provides search query statistics from the service to help you select and expand the set of keywords to use.

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Image ads

The new Direct Commander fully supports working with image ads based on creatives uploaded from a computer or the internet, including creating image ads and replacing the creatives in them.

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Please note: for image ads based on creatives made in Ad Builder, you can only change the state (start, stop, submit for moderation, etc.) and edit the link.

Retargeting and interests

A separate tab in the new Direct Commander shows retargeting lists and mobile app interests. You can add them to or remove them from an ad group, edit their bid and priority, start and stop serving ads for them, import them from a file or export them to a file.

You can create retargeting lists in the web interface.

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Replicate and duplicate

In the new Commander, you can replicate and duplicate not only ads, but also keywords and ad groups.

Child objects can be copied and pasted into multiple parent objects at once. This means that you can propagate keywords into multiple ad groups. Learn more

You also can duplicate child objects in the source parent objects. Learn more

Autotargeting setup

In the new Commander, it is easy to add autotargeting to multiple ad groups at once.

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