What's new in Direct Commander


In Bid Wizard you can only set bids for campaigns with impressions in search results. For campaigns with impressions in YAN or in YAN and search results, manual bid management is not available.


To use the functionality of Text & Image ads, dynamic ads, and smart banners in your new campaigns, you now need to create a unified performance campaign. Existing campaigns will continue to work without changes. You can also copy and run current campaigns.


Fixed an error connecting to the server when trying to select keywords.


In the Campaigns tab, placement types are now called Search, Networks, and All.

  • Improved program stability.


What's new:

  • Ads and groups from “Text & Image ads” campaigns can now be copied to a unified performance campaign.


What's new:

  • Improved program stability.


What's new:

Fixed the error “ExplorationBudget cannot have the null value”. When creating a campaign, a budget you specify in a strategy cannot be less than the minimum one.


In campaigns, it's now possible to set up a budget for a period.

Fixed bugs:

  • Can't change CPA for a filter.

  • Ads in a smart banner group are deleted if uploading is interrupted and the group is edited.

  • When saving campaign settings, the error occurs: “Cannot read property 'SearchResult' of null”.

  • When editing keywords, the error message “Check your internet connection” changed to “Maximum number of negative keywords per campaign exceeded”. The error occurs when there are too many negative keywords added to keywords.


Fixed bugs that occurred:

  • When saving a creative in image ads.
  • When editing a large number of images.
  • Fixed preview rendering when eliminating overlapping keywords. The revision window now correctly displays groups, keywords, and negative keywords.

  • Improved program stability.

  • Fixed a bug that occurred when editing a large amount of images.

  • Fixed a bug in impression criteria settings for dynamic ads. You can now edit them.

  • Autotargeting in Text & Image ads: now you can switch impressions from Yandex Search to YAN without an error.

  • Fixed the filter in product ads of unified performance campaigns.

  • Fixed a bug related to display region selection in a group.