How to cancel edits

To undo the last action, press Ctrl + Z (on MacOS, Cmd ⌘ + Z).

To redo an undone action, press Ctrl + Y (on MacOS, Cmd ⌘ +Shift+ Z).

Data editing in the Inspector is considered a single action, even if you have edited multiple fields, so one click on the Save button is considered one action.

To cancel unsaved changes in the Inspector, click Cancel at the bottom of the Inspector.

Copy/move and paste are considered a single action, even if you have copied multiple objects.

Find and replace are considered a single action.

Tip. You can completely undo all the changes that haven't been uploaded to the server: for the campaign, its child ad groups, ads, and keywords. To do this, download the campaign data from the server and select the Download and cancel changes in Direct Commander option.