How to copy or paste a whole column

You can quickly transfer data between Direct Commander and other apps (like spreadsheets and text editors) or within Direct Commander itself by copying and pasting the contents of entire columns. You can use this method of bulk editing for fields with values that can be copied as plain text.

Example: fix “broken” links
You can copy data from the Link column to a link verification program, fix broken links, and paste them back.


Right-click on a column title in a Commander tab and select Copy from the menu.

The column content is copied to the clipboard, and then you can paste it to another column, spreadsheet, text editor, or messenger.


  1. Copy the data column to the clipboard.
  2. Right-click a column title in a Commander tab and select Paste from the menu.

How data is pasted:

  • The column values are pasted into displayed objects regardless of which of them are selected. If you want to paste data into certain objects (rather than all of them), select relevant objects using quick search or query language first.
  • If the pasted field is never filled in some objects, those objects are skipped. For example, in the Title 1 column, values are pasted into Text & Image ads only, as if there were no image ads on the tab.
  • If the pasted data contains more values than there are objects on the tab, then:
    • If multiple parent objects are selected (for example, when pasting data in the Ads tab you have selected multiple ad groups in the Ad groups tab), the “extra” values are ignored.
    • If a single parent object is selected, new child objects are added. The type of new objects depends on which types have the pasted field. For example, when you paste ad text, only Text & Image ads can be created. When you paste links, either Text & Image ads or image ads are created, with the first object on the tab determining the ad type (except for video ads, because they can't be created in Commander).
  • Empty rows at the end of the pasted data are ignored. Blank rows in the beginning or middle of pasted data clear the corresponding fields in Commander.