Export to file

You can export ad campaigns to XLSX or CSV files.


Data from Direct Commander (rather than from the Yandex.Direct server) is loaded into the file:

  • If changes to the campaign were made via the web interface that haven't reached Direct Commander yet, then the file will contain outdated data. We recommend that you download campaign data from the server before exporting it to a file.
  • If changes were made in Direct Commander, then the file will receive data with these changes, even if they haven't been sent to the server.

To export a campaign to the XSLX format:

  1. Select a campaign on the Campaigns tab.
  2. Click Export.
  3. Specify the export parameters:
    • Select “Yandex.Direct (.xlsx)” file format.
      Note. If multiple campaigns are selected, you can only export to CSV.
    • If there are several vCards in the exported campaign's ads, select which vCard to save to the file or opt out of saving a vCard.
    • If you need to export the states of ads and keywords, select the applicable option: otherwise, the “Статус объявления” and “Phrase status” columns in the file will remain empty.
    • If you are exporting data to edit it and then import it back to the source campaign, select the “Archived data” option. Otherwise, archived ads are not exported.
  4. Click Export.
  5. Enter the file name and select the folder to save the file to. Click Save.

All ad groups, ads, and keywords from the selected campaign are saved to the file.