How to use video extensions

You can only add a video extension to Text & Image Ads that are part of Text & Image Ad type campaigns.

You can use the ID of a video extension to add it to multiple ads at once, even to those that belong to different ad groups or campaigns. A video extension and a ad must belong to the same username (advertiser).

Restriction. Currently, Commander does not support creating, editing, or viewing of video extensions.

Find out the video extension ID

  1. In the Yandex.Direct web interface, open the ad group edit page. Go to the Video field and choose “Select from previously added” in the drop-down list.
  2. In the Ad Builder window, enter the My creatives tab and turn off the Show only creatives linked to ads option, if necessary.
  3. Hover on the creative, click , and select Parameters in the menu.
  4. Copy the ID.

Add a video extension to ads

Tip. Before making any changes, download up-to-date campaign data from the server.
  1. On the Campaigns tab, select a single campaign or multiple campaigns.
  2. On the Ad groups tab, select one or more ad groups.
  3. On the Ads tab, select one or more ads where you want to add or replace a video extension.
  4. In the Editing section in the Inspector, enter the extension ID in the Video field.
  5. Press Ctrl + S (Cmd ⌘ + S on MacOS) or click the Save button at the bottom of Inspector.