How to work with vCards and companies

To add contact information to your ad, use a company linked from Yandex Business Directory or fill out a vCard. Learn more about contacts in ads in Yandex.Direct Help.

You can only add a company or vCard to Text & Image Ads that are part of “Text & Image Ad” campaigns.

In Direct Commander, you can add, replace, or delete a company from several ads at once, even if they belong to different ad groups or campaigns.

Tip. Before making any changes, download up-to-date campaign data from the server.

To manage companies:

  1. On the Campaigns tab, select a single campaign or multiple campaigns.
  2. On the Ad groups tab, select one or multiple ad groups.
  3. On the Ads tab, select one or more ads where you want to add, replace, or remove a company.
  4. Click the Companies field in the Inspector.
  5. In the Companies window, perform an action:
    • To add the same company to all your selected ads, select the company from the list and click Apply or double-click the company to add it to all ads automatically.
    • To remove companies from all the selected ads, click Remove from the selected ads or click next to Companies in the Inspector.
  6. If you added both the company and vCard to your ad, you can select what to show in the preview. To do this, enable or disable Use vCard in preview in the Inspector. If this option is disabled, the preview shows the company. If the option is disabled, the preview shows the vCard.
  • Currently, Direct Commander doesn't support setting up a single company to use for all ads at the campaign level.
  • You can edit the company data in the Yandex Business Directory interface.
To find ads that include a specific company, use the query language. For example:
= Organizations ~ ["Salt and Matches"] 

After you add a company to one ad, you can add it to many other ads by using the context menu.