How to use images

In Direct Commander, you can add, replace, or delete an image from several ads at once, even from those belonging to different ad groups or campaigns.

Allowed image formats: JPG, PNG, GIF.

Acceptable image sizes:

  • When the aspect ratio is from 1:1 to 3:4/4:3 — from 450 to 5000 pixels each side.
  • When the aspect ratio is 16:9, image size must be between 1080 × 607 and 5000 × 2812 pixels.
  • Maximum file size is 10 MB.

Learn more about images in ads in Yandex.Direct Help.

Tip. Before making any changes, download up-to-date campaign data from the server.

To manage images:

  1. On the Campaigns tab, select a single campaign or multiple campaigns.
  2. On the Ad groups tab, select one or more ad groups.
  3. On the Ads tab, select one or more ads where you want to add, replace, or delete an image.
  4. Click the Images button.
  5. If you have selected image ads along with Text & Image ads, you must work with them separately. In the Images window, go to the Text & Image tab or Image tab.

    Ads can be divided into multiple subsets: ads with an identical image and ads without images. Select one or several subsets.

  6. Choose an action: upload an image from your computer or the internet, select a previously uploaded image, or delete an image.

    When uploading an image for a text and image ad (except GIF), you can select a standard aspect ratio (from 1:1 to 4:3/3:4) or widescreen aspect ratio (16:9), as well as crop the image. Only widescreen images are available for Ads for Mobile Apps campaigns.

    If the image is already cropped to the desired format, disable Cropping needed. The system will check the image and, if it meets the requirements, save it. Make sure to specify names for images uploaded from the internet. The Cropping needed option is not reset when you restart Direct Commander.

    You can't delete images from the image ads already uploaded to the server. You can only replace an image with a same-size image.

  7. When you have finished working with images, click Apply in the Images window.