How to add an ad group

Tip. Before making any changes, download up-to-date campaign data from the server.

To add an ad group:

  1. On the Campaigns tab, select the campaign to add a group to.
  2. Click the Add button on the Ad groups tab.
  3. Edit the ad group settings in the Editing section in the Inspector, if needed.
  4. Press Ctrl + S (Cmd ⌘ + S on MacOS) or click the Save button at the bottom of Inspector.
  5. Make sure that the ad group does not contain errors (it should be marked with the icon).

    The icon means that the ad group contains errors: ads are missing or ads contain errors, keywords contain errors, not all required parameters are set, or values of some parameters are invalid. Hover on to find out where the error is. Learn more

Tip. To quickly create multiple ad groups with similar settings, click Add as many times as you need, then select all the created groups and make identical settings in the Inspector.