Protect: disable bothersome ads

You can hide annoying ads on individual sites or report about it to Yandex.

  1. Report an ad
  2. How to hide annoying ads on a page

Report an ad

If you see an intrusive or inappropriate advertisement on the page, you can report it.

  1. Right click the ad banner.
  2. In the context menu, select Report ad.

The report about the ad will be sent to Yandex. If there are many similar complaints, the ad source may be blocked for all users.

How to hide annoying ads on a page

To hide annoying ads:

  1. Go to the site with the annoying ads.
  2. Click   → Hide annoying ads. A notification that the ads have been hidden will appear at the top of the page, with a thumbnail under it.
  3. If necessary, specify which ad unit is bothering you, click on it, and the unit will turn black.
  4. Click the Hide ads buttons.

The browser will then hide all ads on the site until you change your mind.