Tarayıcıdaki öneriler

Protect: block dangerous pages. Applies to all desktops.

Attention! Yandex.Browser able to protect you from entering dangerous sites, but doesn't guarantee absolute protection against all modern threats to your computer. For more complete protection, use professional antivirus software in conjunction with Protect.

Why is it necessary to block dangerous pages?

Hackers spread malicious software that enters your computer and negatively impacts its performance and steals, damages or deletes your information. Malware can get through to your computer via removable media or the internet. Yandex.Browser only protects users from malware distributed over the net.

Your browser will display a warning if you try to open unsecure pages. Yandex and our partners contribute to a special database containing the URLs of such pages.

How blocking works

Before you open a page, Yandex.Browser checks to see if it is included in the infected resources database. If such a website is included in the above database, the page will be blocked.

If the page has a saved copy, you can go to it by clicking Safe copy . The unsafe page elements will be blocked.

You can ignore the warning and visit a site with dangerous content.

Attention! We strongly recommend that you do not go to a site with dangerous content. Malicious code can infect your computer or enable hackers to access your personal data.

Disable protection

Attention! To allow dangerous content, you need to completely disable the protection against malicious software and websites in your browser. We do not recommend this.

To disable malware protection

  1. Click  Settings.
  2. In the lower half of the Settings page, click Show advanced settings.
  3. In the Privacy section, disable the Enable protection from malicious websites and software option.
  4. Restart the browser to apply the changes.