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Tableau. Applies to all desktops.

What is the Tableau?

Every time you open a new tab or place the cursor in the SmartBox, you will see the Tableau — a panel with widgets of your most frequently visited websites. By default, the Tableau has widgets for some Yandex services.

To quickly go to a desired site, click the widget.

Note. If the widget does not lead to the website's home page, the widget will show the page name as well as the logo.

The set of websites shown on the Tableau can be selected manually.

Adding websites to the Tableau

  1. Open the Tableau.
  2. Click the Add button under the Tableau.
  3. Enter the site that you want to add to the Tableau. You can select a site from the lists of Popular or Recently visited sites, or enter the address manually.
Restriction. Up to 20 widgets can be added to Tableau.

Editing widgets

Switch to edit mode to manage Tableau contents. To switch to editing for:

  • A single widget — Click and hold it on the Tableau, or hover over the widget and click the appropriate icon.
  • All widgets — Click the Customize layout link under the Tableau.
Attention! Make sure you save changes when you exit edit mode. To do this, click Finish at the bottom of the screen.

In edit mode, you can:

Move widgets on the Tableau
Pin a widgetClick the on the widget.
Unpin a widgetClick the  icon.
Delete a widgetClick the  icon.
Change a widget's positionDrag the widget to the new location.
Edit a widget
Change the page the widget leads toClick the icon and type the website URL under the Tableau.
Add the webpage name to the widgetClick the icon, then click the Add Label button beneath the Tableau and enter the page name.
Edit the page name on the widgetClick and edit the page name in the bar that appears.