Tarayıcıdaki öneriler

Incognito mode. Applies to all desktops.

Turning Incognito mode on and off

To switch to Incognito mode, click   Incognito mode or choose Open link in window in Incognito mode in the context menu.

A new window opens that is marked by a gray stripe on the header and the icon.

Just close the window to exit Incognito mode. Yandex.Browser will delete all the cookie files that were created while working in this window.

Extensions in Incognito mode

By default, extensions are disabled in Incognito mode. Some of them can be enabled manually. To allow using extensions in Incognito mode:

  1. Click  Extensions.
  2. Click the More details link in the description of the extension you want.
  3. Enable the Allow in Incognito mode option.

Attention! If an extension does not have a Allow in Incognito mode option, this extension cannot work in Incognito mode.

Is Turbo mode turned on in Incognito mode?

By default, Turbo mode turns on automatically if the download speed is less than 128 Kbit/s. When this happens, the Turbo icon appears. When the speed reaches 512 Kbit/s or higher, Turbo mode is deactivated and the icon disappears.