Ad blocking

Attention. This function is not available for all users since it's still being developed.
Attention. The feature is available for devices running iOS version 11.0 and above.

By default, the mobile Yandex.Browser blocks inappropriate and intrusive ads.

  1. What are intrusive ads?
  2. What are offensive ads?
  3. Report an ad
  4. Enable ads on a website
  5. Deactivate ad blocking

What are intrusive ads?

Note. Yandex Browser filters intrusive ads according to recommendations based on IAB research.
  • A full-screen banner that appears immediate after the page loads. After a countdown, it can be closed by the user or closes automatically.
  • A full-screen banner that appears after some amount of time spent on the site. May be closed immediately or after a countdown.
  • Advertising video with sound, in the site countent. Sound turns on automatically.

What are offensive ads?

Offensive ads are banner ads with unpleasant images, pornography, or ads for sites that may offer fraudulent services.

What's dangerous about this kind of advertising
  • Theft of passwords or money. Pop-up windows can impersonate notifications from social networks, software update notifications, or messages from antivirus programs. If you tap them, you might give your passwords to attackers or lose money.
  • Fee-based services. Banners can contain fraudulent messages (for example, about winning a prize, losing weight, predictions, etc.). Taping on them can lead to money being deducted from your mobile phone account.
  • Shock. Banners might contain pornographic images, animations of unpleasant events, disasters, physical trauma, illnesses, intimate body parts, etc.
  • Fraud Banners that promise large pay-outs without a clear explanation may lead you to sites run by hackers or financial pyramid schemes.
  • Invasiveness When you open a new page and tap on it, a new window may appear, containing ads that have nothing to do with the website. Some pop-ups open additional advertising windows when you close them.

Report an ad

If you see an intrusive or inappropriate advertisement on the page, you can report it:

  1. Tap   → Ad blocker
  2. Tap Report ads.

The report about the ad will be sent to Yandex. If there are many similar complaints, the ad source may be blocked for all users.

Enable ads on a website

If you want to disable ads on a site:

  1. Tap   → Ad blocker
  2. Tap Unblock ads.

To block ads on a site again, tap Block ads.

Deactivate ad blocking

If you want to disable blocking of inappropriate and intrusive ads:

  1. Tap   → Settings.
  2. Tap Ad blocking in Content blocking.
  3. Disable the Offensive ads and Intrusive ads options.