Reader mode

Reader mode helps you read texts in comfort and hides distracting page elements (such as ads, navigation elements and other menu panels). You can set the appearance of Reader mode, such as the font style, size and background color.

  1. What is Reader mode?
  2. Switch to Reader mode
  3. Exit Reader mode

What is Reader mode?

In Reader mode:

  • Only the text and its illustrations (photos, images, and videos) are displayed. Other page elements (banners, website design elements, social network buttons, etc.) are hidden.
  • Text wrapping is turned on.
  • Text automatically fits to the screen's width.

When switching to another page or tab, you need to re-enable Reader mode.

Switch to Reader mode

Restriction. If Reader mode is not shown in the menu and there is no icon in the SmartBox, Reader mode can't be enabled for this page.

Tap in the SmartBox.

Exit Reader mode

Tap in the SmartBox.