Turbo mode

Turbo mode is activated when the internet connection with the browser is slow. It speeds up page loading and saves your traffic. Page contents, including videos, are compressed on Yandex servers before being sent to the browser.

When Turbo mode is activated, the Turbo icon appears in the right part of the SmartBox.

  1. Automatic enabling
  2. Disabling the mode

Automatic enabling

Restriction. Turbo mode does not apply to pages that use HTTPS. These pages do not pass through the Yandex servers; they display directly in your browser.

Two thresholds determine when Turbo mode switches on and off:

  • Turbo mode is enabled when connection speed falls below 128 Kbit/s, and remains on until the speed exceeds 512 Kbit/s.
  • When the connection speed exceeds 512 Kbit/s, Turbo automatically switches off (and the icon in the SmartBox disappears). Turbo mode remains off until the speed falls below 128 Kbit/s.

    Restriction. You can't adjust the speed thresholds for switching Turbo mode on and off.

Disabling the mode

  1. Tap  → Settings.
  2. Tap Turbo Mode.
  3. Move the switch to the Disable position.