Turbo mode

Turbo mode reduces page-loading time. It is activated when your browser internet connection is slow. Thanks to Turbo mode, you can quickly load pages and save money using a USB modem or in places with public Wi-Fi. This is especially important while roaming or when you are reaching your data limit on your plan.

When Turbo mode is on, the page loading indicator turns blue.

  1. Automatic enabling
  2. Enabling manually
  3. Disabling video compression
  4. Disabling the mode

Automatic enabling

Restriction. In Turbo mode, only data from webpages you open in the browser ends up on Yandex servers. Personal data entered during e-payments and in authorization forms does not end up on Yandex servers since Turbo mode does not apply to pages that are protected using the HTTPS protocol.

There are two thresholds that determine when Turbo mode switches on and off:

  • Turbo mode is enabled when connection speed falls below 128 Kbit/s, and remains on until the speed exceeds 512 Kbit/s.
  • When the connection speed exceeds 512 Kbit/s, Turbo automatically switches off (and the icon in the SmartBox disappears). Turbo mode remains off until the speed falls below 128 Kbit/s.

    Restriction. You can't adjust the speed thresholds for switching Turbo mode on and off.

Enabling manually

  1. Tap the connection status icon in the SmartBox.
  2. Enable Turbo.

Disabling video compression

By default, the browser compresses video when Turbo mode is on. Playback of the compressed video begins when you tap the placeholder. Compressed video additionally saves up to 70% of traffic, but reduces the video quality. To view video without loss of quality, disable video compression for the tab or entirely.

If you want to disable video compression:

  1. Tap  → Settings.
  2. Tap Turbo Mode.
  3. Turn off Video Compression.

Disabling the mode

  1. Tap the connection status icon in the SmartBox.
  2. Turn off Turbo mode.

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