Protect: disable bothersome ads

The Protect integrated security system is used in Yandex.Browser to hide annoying ads on individual sites (such as those that block a large portion of text or re-direct you to suspicious sites without your consent).

How to hide annoying ads on a page

To hide annoying ads:

  1. Go to the site with the annoying ads.
  2. Click   → Hide annoying ads. A notification that the ads have been hidden will appear at the top of the page, with a thumbnail under it.
  3. If necessary, specify which ad unit is bothering you, click on it, and the unit will turn black.
  4. Click the Hide ads buttons.

The browser will then hide all ads on the site until you change your mind.

How to train the browser to tell good ads from bad

The following is sent each time to hide ads in Yandex:

  • the page with the annoying ads;
  • the ad units you marked on this page.

This information will help collect ads that the user considers good or bad. This is how we learn to automatically separate these two types of ads.

Users will not see bad ads in Yandex.Browser in future.

Changing your mind about hiding ads

To unblock ads on a site:

  1. Go to the site where you previously hid the ads.
  2. Click   → Unblock ads.