Protect: filter out inappropriate ads

Antishock is an extension for the Yandex Browser beta version that filters out banners containing unpleasant images, pornography, and ads for sites that may offer fraudulent services.

  1. What ads get filtered out?
  2. Disable for a particular site
  3. Disable Antishock on all websites

What ads get filtered out?

Antishock considers the following types of banners to be harmful or shocking:

  • Erotic and pornographic ads

    Banners with erotic content, pornographic images, or ads for "adult" websites. These ads are blocked on all websites except those where they match the resource’s subject.

  • Aggressive and offensive ads

    Banners with graphic images of disasters or survivors of violence, frightening characters from horror movies, worms and parasites, diseases and deformities, infected organs and ulcers, and morbidly obese people. Detailed drawings or close-up photos of private parts of the body or childbirth. Ads with messages about the death of celebrities or predicting the end of the world.

  • Intrusive and annoying ads

    Animated flash banners. Windows and tabs with ads that appear when clicking a video or an empty space on the page, or when trying to close ads.

  • Ads related to SMS fraud

    Banners that advertise websites related to SMS fraud or imitate messages from social media. Banners promising lottery winnings, prizes for a milestone website visitor, access to a declassified database of personal information or the ability to delete your information from it, predictions, and so on.

  • Suspicious banners

    Banners faking windows and other browser interface elements. Fake messages about your computer being infected or updates for installed programs. Banners that promise money-making opportunities without explaining how. Suspicious ads offering treatment for diseases, rejuvenation, and weight loss without indicating the medications, treatment method, or clinic. Banners advertising celebrity diets, especially if they contain compromising images.

If a banner ad does not appear shocking but leads to a page with shocking content, Antishock considers it harmful and blocks the ad source.

Disable for a particular site

  1. Open the website where you want to allow advertising.
  2. Select Don't use Antishock on this site.

Disable Antishock on all websites

  1. In the SmartBox, click the connection status icon.
  2. In the Security settings section, turn the Block ads with shocking or unpleasant images option on or off.