Extensions are mini-programs that are built into the browser and extend its functionality, such as by blocking unpleasant ads, turning on night mode, or managing your passwords. In Yandex.Browser, you can install extensions created by the browser's developers as well as extensions from the Opera add-ons catalog.

Attention. Unfortunately, there are a lot of malicious extensions since they are not only created by browser developers, but also third-party programmers. That's why Yandex.Browser disables extensions from unverified sources and regularly checks extensions that were installed earlier to verify their authenticity.
  1. View the list of extensions
  2. Actions with extensions
  3. Extension icon
  4. Enter keyboard shortcuts for an extension
  5. What extensions are not supported by Yandex.Browser?
  6. How can I publish an extension in the Yandex.Browser catalog?
  7. Radio extension

View the list of extensions

Based on a careful analysis of existing extensions and user preferences, we selected the most popular, useful and safest extensions for Yandex.Browser.

To disable the extensions list, click   → Extensions. The page that opens contains a list of extensions that you can install in the browser by flipping the switch to On. In addition to extensions, the list contains additional browser functions (Turbo mode, syncing).

Actions with extensions

In addition to Yandex.Browser extensions, you can install Opera adds-ons compatible with Yandex.Browser.

  1. Click   → Extensions.
  2. At the bottom of the page, click Yandex.Browser Extension Catalog.
  3. Go to the page of the extension you want and tap +Add to Yandex.Browser.
  4. In the window that opens, review the list of data that the extension will have access to. If you are willing to allow the extension to access to your data, proceed with the installation.

Extension icon

When some extensions are on, an icon appears to the right of the SmartBox. When you click the icon, you can access the extension’s features:

  1. Right-click the extension icon.
  2. Select Hide button.

Enter keyboard shortcuts for an extension

You can set keyboard shortcuts to quickly activate an extension or perform various actions with it.

  1. Click   → Extensions.
  2. Click Keyboard shortcuts for extensions at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Select the desired extension.
  4. Choose the action that you want to assign a shortcut to and click in the field to the right of it.
  5. Press and hold one or more modifier keys (Ctrl, Shift, Alt) and a key of your choice.
  6. Click OK.

What extensions are not supported by Yandex.Browser?

Yandex.Browser only supports extensions from the Opera add-ons catalog, which are checked to ensure they are safe. If you try to install an extension from a different source, you will see one of these notifications:

Incompatibility messageReason for failure

“Yandex blocked installation of a potentially dangerous extension”

This extension is malicious and has been black-listed.

“Yandex.Browser does not support this extension”

The extension is not technically compatible with Yandex.Browser.

The installer says the extension was successfully installed, but it does not appear on the extensions page.

The extension is not technically compatible with Yandex.Browser.

How can I publish an extension in the Yandex.Browser catalog?

If you have an extension that you would like to publish in the Yandex.Browser catalog, send us the following:

  • The file with the extension.
  • The name of the extension and a description.
  • A link to the project page with additional information about the extension.

Use this form to send data:

Radio extension

To get access to Power radio stations from the browser panel, enable the Radio extension:

  1. Click   → Extensions.
  2. Select the Yandex services group.
  3. Switch the option to On for the Power Radio in Yandex Elements extension.

To listen to the radio in the browser, click the icon , then select the desired channel: