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SmartBox search features

Yandex.Browser makes suggestions for your search queries and answers frequently-asked questions right in the suggestions. The browser can also show reference information in the context menu for a highlighted word or phrase.

The SmartBox is an element designed for searching for information.

To find the answer to your question or to go to a specific website:

  1. Enter a search query, address, or name of a website in the SmartBox.
  2. Press Enter.

Search suggestions are popular searches with the same first letters as your query.

The suggestions list appears beneath the search bar and changes as you type new letters in the search bar. When you see a suggestion that matches your query, you can select it by using the mouse or the Up or Down keys. To go to the search results, press Enter.

If necessary, you can refine the query by adding text to the selected suggestion.

Yandex.Browser provides answers to frequent queries in the search-suggestion list. For example, you can find out the depth of Lake Baikal or the height of Mount Everest, without going to search results.

Searching on websites with OpenSearch

You can use SmartBox to search in websites that support OpenSearch (e.g.,

  1. Enter the site's name or address in the SmartBox. If the site supports OpenSearch, the hint Press Tab to search [site name] appears to the right.
  2. Press the Tab key (an icon with the site name appears in the left part of the SmartBox).
  3. Enter a search query.
  4. Press Enter.
  1. Click  Settings.
  2. In the lower half of the Settings page, click Show advanced settings.
  3. Go to the Web content section.
  4. Disable the Display search queries in SmartBox on the search results pages option.

Default search engine

By default, the SmartBox uses the Yandex search engine to search for results for your query. You can also change the search engine in the SmartBox:

  1. Right click on the SmartBox.
  2. In the context menu, select Edit search engines.
  3. In the Search engines window, put the cursor on the line with the desired search engine and click Make default.
    Tip. If the desired search engine is not in the list, enter it manually. To do this, fill in the fields at the end of the list. Then place the cursor on the line with this search engine and click the Make default button.
  4. Click Done.

Copy or share the page URL

When you place the mouse cursor in the SmartBox you will see the Copy and Share buttons:

  • To copy the page URL to the clipboard, click the Copy address button.
  • To share the link with your friends, click the Share button and select a social network or Yandex.Mail.
  1. Click  Settings.
  2. Go to the Appearance section.
  3. Turn off the Display the “Copy” and “Share” buttons in SmartBox option.