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I can't find a tag or app an when creating a segment

If you couldn't find the relevant Yandex.Metrica or AppMetrica tag in the drop-down list when creating a segment, make sure they use the same login as the Yandex.Audience. It's possible that the counter or app belongs to a different user who restricted access to it. Check and request access, if necessary.

I can't create a similar users segment

You can only create similar users segments from a segment with the status “Finished” (other than segments based on DMP data). If the original segment has the status “Processing”, wait until the segment is processed. If the segment status is “Insufficient data”, create a new segment.

The segment might be based on Yandex.Metrica tag or AppMetrica to which you were granted access by other users. You can't create a similar users segment based on such segment.

I uploaded the file with over 1,000 entries, but my segment status is “Insufficient data”

If the segment based on your own data has the status “Insufficient data” after processing, it means that anonymous identifiers haven't been found for every corresponding entry in the file. Make sure the entries in the file meet the requirements. Try recalculating the segment or increase the number of entries in the file and create the segment again.

The status of a finished segment changed to “Insufficient data”

Yandex.Audience segments are regularly and automatically updated. When updating, out-of-date anonymous identifiers are removed from the segment, and newly found anonymous identifiers are added. Consequently, the segment reach may grow or decrease. A segment receives the status “Insufficient data” when its reach is less than 1,000 anonymous identifiers. Try recalculating the segment or create a new segment.

The status of a finished segment changed to “Not active”

The status of a segment based on Yandex.Metrica or AppMetrica data may change to “Not active” if the owner of that counter or app restricted or changed access to it. Request guest access to edit segments from the segment owner, or guest access from the app owner.

If the status of a DMP segment changed to “Not active”, it means that access was restricted by the DMP. Contact a representative of the DMP.

A segment has disappeared from the list

The segment to which you had been granted access might disappear from the list if the segment owner deleted or revoked access to it. Contact the segment owner.

Pixel reach doesn't change

If the pixel reach doesn't change over time, check if the banners containing the pixel are shown at Yandex.Direct or Yandex.Display. Also make sure the pixel code was inserted correctly. Find the necessary pixel in Yandex.Audience and compare its code to the one you entered when setting up the banner. The pixel codes must match.

Make sure at least one advertising campaign in Yandex.Direct or Yandex.Display uses the pixel-based segment. Otherwise, the pixel reach is not recalculated.

Segment coverage didn't change

If the coverage of a segment doesn't change over time, make sure that either this segment or a look-alike segment based on it is used in at least one ad campaign in Yandex.Direct or Yandex.Display. Otherwise, the segment coverage is not recalculated.

How can I find out which type of users are in a DMP segment and how it was created?

The segment row shows the DMP it came from. To get details about the segment, contact a representative of the DMP.


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