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I can't find a counter or app when I create a segment

If you can't find the Yandex.Metrica counter of AppMetrica app you need in the drop-down list when you're creating a segment, make sure it's linked to the same username that your Yandex.Audience account is under. It's possible that the counter or app belongs to a different user who restricted access to it. If this is the case, request access from them.

I can't create a similar users segment

You can only create similar users segments from a segment with the status “Finished” (other than segments based on DMP data). If your source segment status is “Processing”, please wait until the segment finishes processing. If its status is “Insufficient data”, create a new segment.

It may be the case that your segment was created based on a Yandex.Metrica counter or AppMetrica app that other users gave you access to. It's not possible to create similar users segments based on those types of segments.

I uploaded a file with more than 1,000 data strings, but my segment status is “Insufficient data”.

If a segment based on uploaded data has the “Insufficient data” status after processing, it means that cookies were not found for all the data strings in the file. Make sure that the data strings in the file meet our requirements. Try increasing the number of data strings in the file and then re-create the segment.

The status of a finished segment changed to “Insufficient data”

Yandex.Audience segments update at regular intervals automatically. During updates, old cookies are deleted and newly-found ones are added. Therefore, coverage may increase or decrease. A segment gets the “Insufficient data” status if it covers less than 1,000 cookies. Wait until Yandex.Audience finds new cookies or create a new segment.

The status of a finished segment changed to “Not active”

The status of a segment based on Yandex.Metrica or AppMetrica data may change to “Not active” if the owner of that counter or app restricted or changed access to it. Ask the segment owner to give you guest editing access.

Pixel coverage didn't change

If pixel coverage doesn't change over time, make sure that your banners containing tracking pixels are being served. Also make sure that you entered the pixel code correctly in Yandex.Display. Find the pixel in Yandex.Audience and compare its code to the one you entered when you configured your banner in Yandex.Display. The pixel codes must match.

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