Segments based on DMP data

In Yandex.Audience you can create segments based on data providers (DMP — Data Management Platforms). They store user data and segment them by category, age, interests, services used and so on. You can then use these segments when configuring ads for Yandex.Display. Data provider (DMP) segments are not available in Yandex.Direct.

The cost per 1000 impressions (CPM — cost per mille) is set for each segment. When using a segment in Yandex.Display, this cost will be added to the placement CPM. The cost of a segment is set at the moment of ordering ad placement.

In the Segments tab, click Create segment and choose Based on external data → Data providers (DMP). In the list that appears, you will see public segments and those that you have access to. To find a segment in the list, enter its name in the search bar. You can also sort segments by their cost (CPM) in the selected currency and coverage. Check the box next to the segments for the ones you want to add. Please note that when selecting a group of segments, all segments nested within that group will be added. You can obtain detailed information on segments from the data providers (DMP) providing them.

Segments can be used for configuring ads immediately after they are added.
Note. You cannot view statistics for a segment of this type. To do so you need to create a similar users segment based on it, or grant another user access to it.

If a segment has been disabled or removed by the data provider (DMP), this segment will receive the corresponding status and will be unavailable for use in new ad campaigns. After 30 days from the moment a segment has been disabled or removed, ad campaigns that use this segment will be suspended. If access to a segment is revoked, it will be displayed with the “Error” status.