Segment based on the AppMetrica data

For example, you need to create a segment of users who installed your game during the past week. In AppMetrica, go to any report and choose the Conditions category. From the drop-down list, choose the event and specify the period in which it has to happen. Set the name of the segment.

You can create a segment in Yandex.Audience based on the data from your app or from an app you have access to.

In the Segments tab, click the Create segment button and choose Based on Yandex data → AppMetrica. Specify the name, the application, and the data for choosing the users. Note that the segment is based on the data for the past 90 days.

The segment you create will be assigned the “Processing” status. Processing can take up to two hours. If the audience coverage is at least 1,000 anonymous IDs, the segment gets the “Finished” status. Now you can use it to configure your ads.

If the access to the app is cancelled, the segment gets the “Not active” status and the ads in it aren't shown.