Yandex.Audience is a service that lets you use your own target-audience data and Yandex and DMP-provider data to set up ad campaigns in Yandex.Direct and Yandex.Display.

Yandex.Audience is easy to use. Using this service, you can:

Create audience segments using your own data

For example, to serve ads to your own customers, you upload the personal data from your CRM to Yandex.Audience and use the created segment in your Yandex.Direct ad campaign settings and Yandex.Display. When creating a segment, your data will be compared with all accumulated Yandex data on users. The segment will include all cookies known to Yandex on precisely those you have uploaded.

To serve ads to those who visited your site or installed a mobile application, create a segment based on Yandex.Metrica or AppMetrica data.

Select an audience based on location

You can attract customers who, for example, live near to your store or cafe, or who frequently visit a particular address by creating segments based on location data.

Work with the audience of your media ads

Create segments based on tracking pixels and serve ads targeted at those users who, for example, saw your media or video ad.

Use data provider segments

Create segments based on data providers (DMP) and use these segments for configuring ads in Yandex.Display.

Find potential customers with Look-alike technology

You can find users that are similar to your existing customers in terms of their interests and their behavior on the internet. Users found with Look-alike technology are likely to be more interested in your product or service than ordinary internet users. Their cookies will be collected in a separate segment which can be used when serving ads.

Grant access to your segments to other Yandex accounts

You can use one segment to configure ads for several accounts that belong to you in Yandex.Direct and Yandex.Display.

Yandex.Audience has an API that lets you manage your segments and access to them.