Notarius Popova L. A.
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Randevulu kabul, evde doktor hizmeti, anlaşmaya göre hafta sonu çalışma.
  • Ödeme yöntemidiscounts on services preferential categories, prepayment, postpay, cash, bank transfer
  • Hizmetlerownership for a share in the common property, witnessing signatures, opening wil, marriage contracts, unilateral contracts, license agreements, adoption of closed will, inheritance certificates, acceptance of money and securities deposits, executive inscriptions on debt collection and foreclosure of the mortgaged property, transfering application of individual and legal entity to another person or legal person, documents storaging, conservation of evidence, testimony of copies fidelity, certificates of attorney, inquiry direction to individuals or legal entities, issuance of certificates, certificate of the document presentation time, issuance documents duplicates, public consultation, issuance extracts from the notary acts registry, apostil, issuance documents from the notary archive, protecting inheritance property, protesting bills
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