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MLOps Developer
Yandex is looking for an MLOps Developer to train and monitor the deployment of our ML models. Apply if you know at least one programming language: Python, Java, Go, or C++, and have working knowledge of ML models and deep learning algorithms.
System Developer, Internal Cloud
Yandex is looking for a System Developer to improve the performance, fault tolerance, and user-friendliness of the cloud. Apply if you have intermediate/advanced proficiency in Linux, knowledge of C or C++, and familiarity with tools such as perf and bpftrace.
Developer, Yandex Platform Engineering
Yandex is looking for a Developer to build high-load services and help design our systems. Apply if you have experience with algorithms and data structures and have coded in Java, C++, Python, Go, and TypeScript.
Senior Machine Learning Engineer, AdTech
Yandex is a technology company that builds intelligent products and services powered by machine learning. We aim to help consumers and businesses better navigate the online and offline world. As a Senior Machine Learning Engineer, you will be part of a fast-growing AdTech ranking team.
Java Backend Developer
Yandex Cloud is looking for a Java Backend Developer to solve algorithmic and optimization problems, develop classic enterprise backends, and implement industry standards. Apply if you have worked with Java, fault-tolerant systems, and relational or non-relational storages.
Site Reliability Engineer (YDB)
Yandex Cloud is looking for a Site Reliability Engineer to develop and automate the infrastructure needed to advance and scale YDB. Apply if you have experience developing and implementing high-load distributed systems.
Yandex Research ML Residency
The Yandex Research Machine Learning Residency Program is a research position for early-career researchers designed to provide experience in modern, top-tier machine learning (ML) research. Apply if you have a strong technical background and are genuinely enthusiastic about ML.
Researcher (Machine Learning)
Yandex Research is looking for beginner and experienced researchers to join its team to develop new science-intensive tech, conduct experiments, and present results. Apply if you have higher technical education, Python or C++ programming skills, fluent English, and desire to drive your own research.
Hypervisor Developer
Yandex Cloud is looking for a Hypervisor Developer to optimize I/O, integrate the hypervisor into more services, and drive low-level security. Apply if you know C and C++, understand x86-compatible devices, and can write system code in user mode for Linux.
Software Developer (YDB)
YDB is looking for a Software Developer to help design and develop core components. Apply if you know C++, Java, Python, Go, or C#; are prepared to write in C++ and/or Java; and know classic algorithms and data structures.
Wed Jun 07 2023 16:00:31 GMT+0300 (Moscow Standard Time)