Community Engagement Manager

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Do you get energized by connecting with people and helping them solve problems? Do you love to explore new technologies and discover new solutions? Toloka is looking for a Community Engagement Manager to drive a focus on data excellence with ML and AI enthusiasts within our community.
Data is one of the three key pillars supporting the advancement of artificial intelligence, along with algorithms and hardware. In recent years, the open-source community and tech giants have commodified the last two, but the need for quality data to train algorithms for specific domains is still a big blocker. Toloka helps achieve a breakthrough in AI training data as one of the world's largest crowdsourcing platforms, used for data labeling by many Yandex product teams (like Search, the Alice voice assistant, and self-driving cars), as well as by major international IT companies. More importantly, Toloka can change the game for AI developers by giving them the opportunity to collect critical data in a matter of hours on their own and improve their AI pipelines and products. Guided by this mission, we are building a community where we can share our expertise in data excellence via crowdsourcing with the market and promote a deeper understanding of crowd science methods such as task decomposition, quality control, and aggregation of results.
This is your opportunity to join a vibrant team on its way to making Toloka the leading crowdsourcing platform globally. Apply your communication skills and ambition to engage a worldwide market of technical specialists and cultivate a community where crowdsourcing experts can connect and grow through shared insights and experience.

In this position, you will:

  • Participate in developing strategies for growing a community of experts and making an action plan.
  • Use a systematic approach to organize and focus your work.
  • Become part of a team that is powering a new and rapidly evolving business ecosystem aimed to accelerate development of artificial intelligence worldwide.
  • Inspire and be inspired with new solutions in an environment that supports creativity and independence.
  • Collaborate with colleagues and partners to reach shared goals.

Preferred qualifications:

  • Two or more years of experience building communities related to machine learning, data science or a relevant field.
  • Advanced English skills.
  • Degree in engineering, computer science, or other technical field.

Bonus points for:

  • Experience working with Toloka or similar platforms as a requester.
  • Experience working with data (working knowledge of methods of machine learning, computer vision, NLP, data analysis, or similar fields).
  • Knowledge of crowdsourcing methods.