Toloka Interface Designer

Moscow, Saint PetersburgTolokaSpecialist
Толока is an open platform thousands of people use every day to complete millions of tasks. No matter the scale, we work within deadlines to help companies process data for machine learning, computer vision, speech technology, information search algorithms, and other business needs.
Self-driving cars and voice assistants both leverage algorithms we train. We also make sure maps stay up to date and keep search results relevant to queries. Our performers mark exact times in TV shows so you can skip the intro and review drone footage to help the Liza Alert team find missing people among many other assignments.
As part of our work, we offer people from different countries the opportunity to earn money by performing simple tasks. Companies, meanwhile, create those tasks and solve problems using our armies of performers from around the world.
We’re looking for a Product Designer to work on Toloka’s mobile app team. You should be mid-level or above and located in Moscow or St. Petersburg. While you’ll work be working in our office, you’ll enjoy a flexible schedule.


  • Handle the design of iOS and Android apps;
  • Work closely with the development team;
  • Coordinate work with the web Product Designer;
  • Build components and patterns for our library of mobile apps;
  • Run A/B testing for your designs and analyze the results;
  • Perform high-quality and scaled research;
  • Work with the user funnel and product analytics;
  • Use Figma, Miro, and AppMetrica;
  • Review tasks prior to release.

Required experience:

  • Have worked on mobile apps;
  • Comfortable actively hunting for solutions to user problems on your own;
  • Think systemically and can work through user workflows;
  • Have strong communication skills and can back up design decisions;
  • Can work with texts for interfaces and cooperate with the UX Editor;
  • Have managed projects;
  • Skilled doing research;
  • Can work with project owners within scrum teams;
  • Attention to detail, have taste and an understanding of the fundamentals of aesthetics;
  • Driven to adapt and improve projects.


  • A strong team you can grow with;
  • Complex assignments for services with millions of users;
  • The opportunity to directly impact processes and results;
  • A competitive salary at or above the market;
  • Bonuses every six months following successful reviews;
  • Mortgage programs at 3% for 10 years or 0% for 3 years;
  • Meal compensation;
  • Expanded health insurance program, 80% compensation for spouse and children;
  • Gym, yoga at the office;
  • Flexible work schedule;
  • Free parking;
  • Relocation program for new employees from other cities.