Pre-sale Engineer

Moscow, Saint PetersburgTolokaSpecialist
Vacancy closed
Toloka is a crowdsourcing platform that unites millions of people around the world who collect and process data to deliver superior data solutions to customers globally.
Crowdsourcing is used in fields like machine learning, research, testing, technical support, and moderation. Our crowd-labeled data is essential for IT companies, marketplaces, banks, manufacturing and retail organizations, and our customers from other industries.
We're looking for Pre-sale Engineer to work on Toloka's global projects. You will build and automate data production pipelines to deliver millions of high-quality labels daily.
Our ideal candidate is fluent in English, has excellent organizational skills, and is technically savvy. You'll learn the principles of crowdsourcing and become a highly valued expert in this fast growing market.

In this position, you will:

  • prepare, test, and maintain data collection and handling processes;
  • evaluate the speed and quality of data collection;
  • conduct experiments and research, analyze results, and draw conclusions;
  • communicate with customers and crowd performers to solve their issues;
  • work with customers and partners from different parts of the world (US, Europe, Asia).

You are a good fit if you can:

  • communicate fluently in spoken and written English;
  • process large amounts of data;
  • write scripts in Python, Java, or Groovy;
  • communicate effectively with software developers;
  • manage multiple projects at the same time;
  • control the discussion, reach agreements, and record the results;
  • enjoy and take a proactive approach to learning.

Bonus points:

  • crowdsourcing experience;
  • familiarity with machine learning concepts;
  • working knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript;
  • ability to collaborate with a team, prioritize, and meet deadlines;
  • flexible mindset for working in an atmosphere of rapid development, where requirements are constantly changing.