Large Enterprise Account Manager (China)

Working in advertising, digital or marketing sectors, an Account Manager ensures that campaign production goes smoothly by coordinating everything from the marketing team to budgets.
However, an Account Manager is primarily responsible for cultivating relationships with clients on a daily basis. As the main point of contact for customers, the Account Manager is required to have a deep understanding of the client’s needs as well as thorough knowledge of Yandex advertising products. The Account Manager is in charge of setting up advertising campaigns and maintaining high performance, as well as assisting the client or agency in optimizing campaigns when necessary.

Skills required

  • The Account Manager needs a wide range of abilities, including:
    • bachelor degree in Marketing, Business or other related field;
    • experience in professional client relationship management;
    • background in advertising or digital marketing;
    • a persuasive and confident approach to creative projects;
    • fundamental knowledge of online advertising platforms (Yandex.Direct, Google Ads, Facebook Ads and others);
    • excellent written and oral communication skills in English and Mandarin (Russian is a plus);
    • effective team work capabilities;
    • keen attention to details and budgetary restraints.
  • Typical activities:
    • taking a lead in clients’ marketing and advertising strategies;
    • liaising with clients on a day-to-day basis;
    • promoting business expansion with existing clients;
    • working with other teams internally to generate new opportunities;
    • completing projects on a specific schedule and within an approved budget;
    • using appropriate skills to push clients creatively and strategically.
  • Ability to learn and grow business:
    • align your vision with the client's vision. Work with the client to develop a strategy for how Yandex can provide solutions that will meet their current and long-term needs. Describe what a successful partnership with Yandex would look like. If you have already developed this vision independently, review it with your client to ensure that it fits into their vision for the partnership;
    • deepen your understanding of client organizations. Work with the client to learn how their organizations are structured. Proactively develop solutions that are tailored to the specific structure and business units of their organizations to facilitate the adoption of Yandex products;
    • create a clear plan of execution on a sale. Review a current sales opportunity that you are working on. Identify the following: (1) the key business issues that are relevant to that opportunity, (2) the potential value of a solution to that opportunity, as defined by the customer, (3) the roles/individuals/stakeholders within the organization who will contribute to any decisions related to that opportunity, (4) the existence and relative position of competitors to this opportunity, and (5) a clear and compelling value proposition that challenges the customer to move forward with your recommended actions;
    • align your sales strategies to both Yandex’s strategy and your client's vision. Evaluate Yandex’s strategy when developing a sales plan. Create short-term goals and a long-term sales vision that fit in with Yandex's current strategy and future direction, from a technology and market perspective (for example, targeting small but emerging markets). Align these goals to your client's strategic initiatives;
    • prioritize your work to address immediate needs. Make a list of all current contacts and identify their key issues, then prioritize the list based on which needs are most immediate and focus your efforts to effectively address these concerns. Consider how the resolution of these short-term issues can impact long-term strategic plans for Yandex, your client, or both.
This is an office-based role and you will spend time in meetings and briefings, as well as remaining in close contact with key clients. This position requires travel up to 20% of the time. Although your commitment will tend to be standard office hours, deadlines or the demands of a client may see you working early or late to ensure continued success.