Agile Manager

Any city, remote workTolokaSpecialist
Toloka is one of the world's biggest crowdsourcing platforms used to collect and label large amounts of data for machine learning projects, ultimately helping businesses perform a wide variety of tasks. Toloka is a key tool for major IT companies around the world, and the data labelled on the platform is used to train technologies like computer vision, speech recognition, search algorithms, and recommendation systems. We fell in love with crowdsourcing and are firmly convinced that it is the next big thing in AI.
We are looking for a strong manager who can improve and maintain Toloka’s operational activities, especially cross-functional Agile work. You're a good fit if you can make the team run like a well-oiled machine under any load.

In this role, you will:

  • work with the Engineering Manager and Head of Product to ensure that our teams are focused on the right goals and help them deliver as smoothly as possible;
  • coach our cross-functional teams in self-management, working with them as they understand and develop an agile mindset focused on continuous improvement;
  • coach and train executives and managers in lean Agile leadership and mindset;
  • advocate for change and guide teams through organizational development;
  • facilitate team exercises, conduct workshops, and participate in critical internal events.

Required experience:

  • a proven record in promoting transparency, empowerment, and continuous improvement;
  • experience coaching and guiding teams towards self-organization and Agile maturity by welcoming ideation and innovation;
  • demonstrated strong emotional intelligence and conflict resolution skills;
  • ability to work as a self-starter with a structured approach and can-do, pragmatic, solutions-oriented attitude.