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How to apply

Choose a position that suits your skills and interests, do an assessment test, and send us your answers together with your resume. If the position you wish to apply for does not require an assessment test, send us a covering letter and your resume. We’ll get back to you within ten working days.
Resume and cover letter
We’re a multinational team and use English as our common language. Your application is likely to be considered by a number of people, possibly, from all corners of the world. For that reason, we can only consider applications in English.
Interview procedure
Most interviews have two steps: a phone or Skype conversation with our recruiter followed by an interview in person at one of our offices. Some of the more demanding positions may involve up to five interviews with various team members.

What happens at the interview

A typical interview normally takes an hour or two. Interviewing a candidate for a position in software development may take a few meetings with people from different teams and departments over the course of a few days. At the interview you may be asked to solve all sorts of problems, and you will definitely be expected to use English to explain yourself.

What happens next

It may take a while before you will hear from us after the final interview. This doesn’t necessarily mean that we won’t be able to offer you a job – it simply means that we’re being very thorough at matching our candidates with their perfect teams.
Job offer
You will receive a job offer right after the decision to hire you is made. On your first day in a new job, our HR team will show you around the office and help you with paperwork and office equipment.
Have a look at our other open positions — you may find a job that better matches your current interests and qualifications. Or try improving your skills or expanding your experience, and apply for the same position again.