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The Yandex atmosphere

Many companies have their own principles and values, whether informal or in the form of a strict set of rules. These create a certain atmosphere that makes one company distinctly different from another. We also have our own values, atmosphere and all that comes with it. To describe it all in detail would probably be impossible, but some of the main points can be summarised.

Freedom is important for us. We honestly and openly express our opinions on any topic. We communicate as equals – regardless of rank or accolades. We discuss all decisions with our colleagues. We take an interest in tasks other than our own. In such an atmosphere, giving orders and commands is less effective than negotiating and substantiating a point of view. At times the freedom comes close to chaos, but we try not to cross that line.

We are committed to employee success and growth. Yandex provides its employees with formal and informal trainings to equip team members with the necessary knowledge and skills to succeed in their roles. Employees have opportunities for academic training in addition to other required programs, such as privacy training, to ensure employees are well informed on company policies and how to best manage any conflicts.

Many of Yandex’s services are created to make the surrounding environment friendlier and more convenient for people. Striving to make the world a better place defines not only our work but our approach to life in general. We’re always looking around and thinking about what else can be done. It can be tiring, but it gets results.

Like in any big company, our employees are a diverse bunch – with different points of view and specialisations, ages and genders, upbringing and education, experience and habits. All of them make Yandex what it is. We couldn’t get by without respect for one another and without valuing everybody’s contribution.