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Construct Buildings, Gather Resources, Defend your base from Enemies and more! It's a really interesting mix between a City-Builder and Tower-Defense game. The player has the ability to place buildings and those buildings gather resources. There's three starting resource types, Wood, Stone and Gold, although everything is set up in such a way that you can easily add more Resource Types. The Resource Generation is based on proximity so a Wood Harvester needs to be placed near Trees in order to gather Wood. The Buildings take some time to be Constructed and it shows that progress with a nice visual element and a really awesome Shader effect. Then we also have some Enemies, they are simple but still look great. Our HQ can defend itself by shooting arrows and we can also place Towers to add more defenses. Over time more and more enemies will be spawned, so place buildings, gather resources to defend your base!

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7 Ağu 2021